Krista Machovina is a painter and mixed media artist, with training as an art therapist and art educator. As an artist, Krista draws inspiration from the natural world, in particular the sea and sky, vintage ephemera and found objects. These elements create a narrative of every changing boundaries; those that merge, some diffuse and others starkly clear. A majority of her work is absent of the human form, creating a meditative, immersive environment for the viewer. Recent mixed media work incorporates images from her family history, reflecting their shared love of the water. Her paintings are evocative of and influenced by the Tonalist and Color Field movement, with an element of American Gothic Romanticism.

Krista Machovina's childhood was spent moving every 2-3 years with her military family including 3 years of high school in the Republic of the Philippines.  Then and now, throughout chaos and change, art remains a constant.  Her experience as an art therapist and educator has lead her to continue work with non-profits sharing the life enhancing aspects of artmaking with underserved, marginalized, and medically fragile populations.  She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art Education from the University of Illinois and a Master of Arts in Art Therapy from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville.  Krista maintains a studio at Keystone Art Space, a fine and industrial arts complex in Los Angeles.


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